the tutorial platform for business

create video and written guides you
and your customers will love

a patently different approach to tutorials

fyiio's patent-pending template bakes great instructional design principals into an easy-to-follow process

upload a video, add step-by-step instructions, then sync each step to where where it takes place in the video
tutorials where customers need them most

keep customers on your platform and aware of what it can do by embedding tutorials contextually

guides can be placed virtually anywhere: in-app, your knowledge base, blog or CMS
out of date notifications + rapid updates

we keep tabs on each tutorial and send reminders to ensure customers always see up to date content

updating takes minutes with changes automatically applied wherever the tutorial was shared (no updating embed codes)
streamline your tutorial workflow
teams using fyiio have a single location to create amazing tutorials, place them virtually anywhere, and rapidly update when needed
compatible with tools you already use
no one wants "yet another location" to place content. that's why fyiio is compatible with just about everything you already use
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