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"when our tools don't work, we tend to blame ourselves, for being too stupid or not reading the manual or having too-fat fingers. . . . when our tools are broken, we feel broken. and when somebody fixes one, we feel a tiny bit more whole."

-- lev grossman, TIME Magazine

fyiio's story begins with our founder, Alex Kuklinski, in high school when a friend asked him to help her with a video project. Since he's socially awkward he uploaded a video to YouTube instead of helping her in person. That video got hundreds, then thousands of views, so he kept at it. Fast forward to college and his 100-plus videos had over 23 million views from virtually every country on Earth, as well as some media attention from the likes of NPR, Adweek, PC World and Engadget.


After the NPR feature he realized the appetite for written tutorials in addition to videos. That led to Techno FYI -- a WordPress blog to embed YouTube videos with written step-by-step instructions underneath. Although it was ultimately shut down, he learned some good insight, including:

1) People don't like to leave the platform they're on to learn something
2) The average attention span for his videos was under 2.5 minutes
3) There wasn't a platform combining video and written guides together

Before graduating college Alex was trying to determine what his YouTube channel, now with 30k+ subscribers, would become. That's when he was accepted into NMotion Prelaunch, a program teaching lean startup principles to early-stage companies. Through this program he learned while the channel was successful, it wasn't scalable and would not help him achieve his ultimate goal -- make tutorials more accessible to everyone.

After hundreds of interviews with content creators, consumers and businesses the idea for fyiio was born -- a platform for people to easily create video and written tutorials tailored to how people prefer to learn.


Tons of research (problem/solution fit, initial feedback on mockups, etc.)


Accepted into NMotion, an early-stage startup accelerator
Got some money to build things ($20k convertible note + $40k grant + $25k loan)
First paid preorders, including Zillow (!)


Super early builds and testing
Accepted to the Coca-Cola Bridge Community program in Atlanta
Quietly launched our alpha release (yay self signups!)
First monthly recurring revenue


Launch publicly
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