show the world how to do anything

fyiio was founded on the belief that creating and finding a good tutorial is too damn hard.
our mission is to create the world's most user-focused tutorial platform; to power the experience allowing anyone to show the world how to do anything in the most efficient, effective and accessible way possible.
"when our tools don't work, we tend to blame ourselves, for being too stupid or not reading the manual or having too-fat fingers. . . . when our tools are broken, we feel broken. and when somebody fixes one, we feel a tiny bit more whole."

-- lev grossman

the team

alex kuklinski

founder + ceo

alex's tutorials have over 23m views, 30k subscribers, and 31 years of watch time globally. his content has appeared on npr, adweek, business insider, engadget, and more

dan casson

chief technology officer

dan has vast engineering experience in companies of all sizes, from large global brands to startups across the u.s. from new york to silicon valley

the story

our founder, alex kuklinski, started making tutorials as a sophomore in high school after a friend asked for help with a video project. instead of repeating the instructions over a couple days, he instead created a video tutorial on youtube. with the intention of helping one, he helped thousands, and soon later his 100+ videos were viewed in virtually every country on earth with over 23m views combined. those same videos were featured by the likes of npr, adweek, pcworld, and engadget.

after being featured on npr, alex received a lot of feedback for written tutorials. since youtube didn't (and still doesn't) support images and rich text formatting in video descriptions, he launched techno fyi in 2013 to combine his video tutorials with detailed written instructions. in its lifetime it had over 385k users, but failed for three main reasons:

  1. not scalable to personally create and update content across multiple platforms
  2. users don't like switching platforms (in this case, moving from youtube to the website)
  3. it's really hard to earn significant revenue off ads

in 2014, after discovering lean startup methodology in college, alex had the idea of building a platform taking the methodologies he found successful and providing it to companies so they can impact more people than he could alone. the idea for fyiio was born.

he would spend the next two years validating the ideas and hypotheses by interviewing hundreds of content creators, consumers and businesses over the next two years, updating mockups along the way. in 2016 he had a contract with a large health insurance company in nebraska to help build onboarding materials for their i.t. department. unfortunately they pulled back the contract after he quit his job and on the way back from his honeymoon.

(lesson learned: never quit your job unless you have a signed contract)

on may 8, 2017 fyiio was accepted into the nmotion startup accelerator in lincoln, ne. this program provided an initial $20k investment and intense mentoring which empowered us to hire a cto (hello, dan!) and begin building a product with a solid target market identified. we established a handful of pilots prepaying to use the platform, as well as a priority queue for others to prepay to get first access when beta launches in january 2018.


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