we make you and your customers happier
intuitive tutorial template +
patently unique learning experience
simple to create
fyiio's patent-pending template bakes great instructional design principles into an easy-to-follow process:

upload a video, add step-by-step instructions, then sync each step to where it takes place in the video
video + written tutorials
~ half of us prefer learning by watching a video or reading. fyiio provides both together in a single location

need to skip ahead? tap a step to jump the video to that point in time -- the step will expand with more info, too
publish virtually anywhere
keep customers on your platform and aware of what it can do by embedding tutorials contextually

guides can be on knowledge bases, blogs, websites, as well as various CMSs and LMSs
short-form content
analyzing over 23 million video views told us the average attention span for a video guide is ~ 2:11

every video tutorial on fyiio must be under 2.5 minutes long -- short, sweet, and to the point
breeze to update
we keep tabs on each tutorial and send reminders to ensure customers always see up to date content

all changes are automatically applied anywhere the tutorial was shared -- no more updating embed codes!
easily discoverable
people don't like to leave the page they're on to learn something, only to need to come back later

fyiio's embeddable tutorials allow users to see the tutorial and do the task in the same window
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