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fyiio empowers companies to teach customers anything, anywhere, anytime

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improve product adoption and ticket deflection by making tutorials accessible when and where help is needed most
allow learning to happen instantly without needing to whip out a massive manual or search endlessly
contextually in-app
in the field
stop making your customers search for answers.
bring the answers to them.
get your customers up and running faster by integrating video and written guides into your product and its packaging

painless. intuitive. engaging.

fyiio makes tutorials delightful for everyone.

our simple step-by-step editor makes crafting interactive tutorials amazingly simple

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fyiio enables interactive learning experiences to be made available when and where it's needed most — even in app

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rapidly replace videos and edit written steps with ease; all your changes are instantly applied everywhere

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we'll migrate your entire knowledge base for free!
ready to switch but don't want to spend time moving all your articles and videos?

let us take care of everything!
let us know where your content is
once you sign up for a free fyiio account, let us know where we can find your knowledge base, video tutorials, and other support content — we'll take care of it from here!
we build your new knowledge base
we'll copy your existing articles, videos and photos, then build a new knowledge base on a temporary domain for you to review and add additional content if needed.
lift off!
once everything looks amazing and you're ready to launch, we'll work with you to point the new knowledge base to your domain and configure DNS settings.

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