fyiio enables support and product teams to rapidly create, place, and maintain interactive guides when and where they're needed most.
Empower your |
Improve product adoption
Lower support costs
Trusted by companies in AgTech, automotive, consulting, e-commerce, food safety, and SaaS
fyiio streamlines customer education
Use our patented Template to easily craft beautiful, interactive tutorials.
Embed guides nearly anywhere for an improved learning experience.
Elegantly combine the strengths of video and written guides together.
Instantly push changes everywhere the tutorial is already placed.
Manage every component of product guides from creation, viewing, and updating with every release — in one platform.
Seamlessly craft tutorials tailored to your audience
1) Write step-by-step instructions
Add detailed written steps to complement the video and appeal to people who prefer learning by reading.
2) Upload video guide
Short videos under 2.5 minutes appeal to audiovisual learners for rapid application of what they learn.
3) Sync them together
fyiio's patented sync bar visually pairs each step to the video to leverage both learning styles at once.
An impactful learning experience
Make your guides more accessible, communicate with people more effectively, and empower them to quickly do anything with our patented Tutorial Player.

Effortlessly cater to nearly every learning style, speak over 70 languages, and ensure customers never see an out-of-date tutorial again — all in a single experience.
Place guides nearly anywhere
fyiio improves software you already use, and replaces the expensive ones you’re using 10% of the functionality of anyway.

Embed our Tutorial Player contextually in-app, within existing knowledge base articles, learning management systems, and more, to make help accessible when, where, and how it's needed most.
70% of customers prefer to answer their own questions without contacting support. Empower them with fyiio.
Self-guided learning has never been more important

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