A refreshing take on tutorials
You'll love spending less time to help more people. Everyone else will love getting stuff done faster.
Show people how to do stuff.
Bad tutorials make us feel dumb and waste our time.
We're on a mission to change that.
Enable visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic design elements.
Learning Styles
All tutorials are inclusive to everyone, regardless of age, technical skill set, or disability.
Automatic detection of a user's preferred language translates instructions for you.
Easy to Find
Make tutorials accessible where potential friction and adoption opportunities exist.
Simple to Navigate
Quickly skim all the steps of a process and jump to the most relevant one by clicking it.
Up to Date
No matter where your tutorials are, you can push updates instantly with a few clicks.
Use Categories to dive deeper into a subject, jump to relevant tutorials, or treat like a course.
Learn how to do something quickly so viewers can get on with their day.
All in One Place
Everything needed for viewers to complete a task is available in one central location.
Help people get stuff done.
There's no other feeling like achieving something new.
Let's empower everyone to feel that.
Our Modernization Layer guarantees that any updates made to your tutorial will be immediately implemented across all platforms where your tutorial is available, such as in-app, knowledge base articles, getting started guides, and marketing material.
Our Translation Layer automatically detects a user's language preference, then translates the tutorial into one of 70+ languages without any extra work on your end.
Videos provides visualizations text and images alone can't.

The video is also in sync with the written instructions, ensuring you always receive visual and in-depth instructions while learning how to
do something.
Written step-by-step instructions offer users more detailed guidance than videos can provide.

Additionally, these steps synchronize with video playback, allowing users to visualize the process.

Easily navigate to the step that's most relevant to you by clicking on it, which will expand the corresponding written instructions and jump the video playback to the relevant point in time.
Tutorial descriptions provide an estimated time commitment for each process, which helps learners plan their time and choose when to begin.

This leads to a more positive learning experience overall.
fyiio gives you and your team the tools to create beautiful learning experiences, empowering people to do new things without getting lost along the way.
Give people instruction
not frustration.
Get to the point
it's never been easier.
Viewers can skip to what's most relevant to them by clicking on a step, which then expands to show more details while the video jumps to that point in time.
Provide help where it matters most.
Provide contextual, on-demand help content that doesn’t involve exiting the app or talking to someone, reducing friction points while improving adoption opportunities.
Create, share, and update help content at scale.
White glove
Add, organize, and embed categories of content for easy discovery and navigation.
Create, place, and analyze true or false, single choice, and multiple choice answers.
Knowledge Base
Our no-code editor allows you to build and see your changes in real time.
Text instructions are easy to create while being detailed and easy to skim. Short-form videos provide the visual and auditory context that text and images alone cannot.

Syncing them together makes tutorials interactive, engaging, and easier to follow.
Your tutorials, categories, quizzes and more can be shared just about anywhere.

Share links directly, or embed content in-app, your knowledge base, product box, intranet, and more to help more people when and where it's needed most.
Replace videos and update written steps, quizzes and more with just a few clicks -- all without involving multiple departments and lengthy development cycles.

All published changes are available instantly with translations, regardless of where they're shared.