Show the world how to do anything

fyiio is a tutorial platform empowering you to create, place, and maintain accessible learning experiences that show the world how to do anything.
Trusted by leading companies in agriculture, automotive, e-commerce, food safety, and more.

fyiio’s patented Tutorial Builder makes instructional design accessible, content distribution simple, with future updates instantly available across existing physical and digital channels.

Easily create and update guides

1. Write step-by-step instructions
2. Upload video guide
3. Sync them together

Effortlessly empower folks of all abilities to select the style of learning that works best for them.

Inclusive to how everyone prefers to learn

Every tutorial created on fyiio enables visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic design elements.
Learning Styles
fyiio automatically identifies the viewer’s preferred language and instantly translates instructions accordingly.
All tutorials are accessible and inclusive to everyone, regardless of age, technical skillset, or disability.
Skillsets + Abilities

Tutorials, Categories, and Quizzes are built to be displayed at every customer touchpoint. Future updates to content are instantly applied everywhere you have already placed them.

Say goodbye to updating embed codes, involving teams of people to update in-app guides, tracking down old blog posts, etc.

Painlessly share +
update content everywhere

Easily craft a beautiful, always up-to-date, single source of truth that is easy to navigate and search through.

The whole thing or individual categories of content can be embedded in-app or wherever it can provide the most help.
Knowledge Base (Beta)
Create, embed, analyze, and place quizzes for simple knowledge verification, academy-style learnings, onboarding, certifications, and more.

Export quiz results to your CRM or platform of choice.
Quizzes + Certifications
Let our Studio service handle your content production needs!

We'll work with you and your team to take care of scripts and written step-by-step instructions, video production, voiceovers, editing work, updates, and more!

Plus, you'll get fyiio free for 45 days.
We create tutorials, too