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The simple, embeddable, accessible knowledge base.

Use our patented Template to quickly craft interactive and multilingual tutorials catered to your audience's learning preferences.
Create tutorials
Placing similar tutorials into categories helps both you and your customers search through content.

Tutorials can belong to multiple categories, perfect for prerequisites needed to be completed before a process begins.

Quizzes and forms can be assigned to the ends of categories to verify content retention.
Assign to categories
Our visual editor allows you to add your company logo, customize text and buttons, add and reorder categories, and more without needing to constantly hit preview and go back.
Build your KB
Host your knowledge base on or your custom domain, then leverage it in-app so customers never need to leave your platform to find answers elsewhere.

It's your single source of truth, made accessible wherever it's needed most.
Publish + Place

Welcome to your new content update strategy.

With fyiio, all future changes to your tutorials are instantly applied everywhere. No more updating embed codes, getting engineering teams involved, tracking down old blog posts, and hunting for old knowledge base articles.