Professional tutorial production.

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Add a new or replace an existing voiceover with high-quality audio.
Let us edit and assemble existing content into intuitive instructions.
Let us create an engaging script and a written step-by-step guide.
Script writing
On-site filming of procedures, web/mobile app screen captures.
Video production
Strategy | Production | Maintenance | Platform
Strategy consultation
We'll work to build a deep understanding of your product, including the needs for onboarding, training, and support content.
Multimedia content production
Whether it's on-site or on a screen, we can produce, edit, and deliver multimedia content tailored to how people prefer to learn.
Content maintenance
Let us handle updating your existing video and written tutorials, as well as those created by us and/or already hosted on fyiio
Not only do you receive finalized video and written files, but you'll also receive your content via our customer education platform — free for 45 days.
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